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At Rawson Automation we are proud to have a gate manufacturing unit in Cleckheaton - if you have ordered a gate, you can visit the site and see the gate during its creation and choose whether you would like to add any further features. 


You can even customise the gate further then and there if you would like too, whether that's to change colour or how it looks. You're also able to disapprove the idea and state how you'd prefer it, all so you're completely satisfied with your decision. We are one of the only, existing gate providers who allow such an opportunity, most companies deliver your gate and do not permit customisation whatsoever - however we can tailor-make your gates beforehand and when you/if you visit.


Our main aim is to promote our gates (automatic and static) to provide further security for homes and businesses, our collaborating website Rawson Security however, can furthermore supply security equipment; including internal and external CCTV systems. 


We have brilliant staff on hand and many experienced contractors, all so you can depend on us for full reliability. All of our team members have apprehended over 55 years worth of experience in the gate manufacture industry.  Additionally, our representatives have been trained and qualified in all aspects of the trade and further. Rawson Automation is also SSIAB accredited, meaning that a government body constantly visits the company to evaluate its performance. 


Rawson Automation and our partnering business Rawson Security, have completed a DHF course and are proud to be two of the only companies to have undergone such a valuable qualification. We ensure reputability and customer service, ensuring that you can expect nothing less than full satisfaction. 



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