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Rawson Automation specialise in complete installations of automated bollards for homes and businesses across Yorkshire and surrounding areas. With our impenetrable bollards you can ensure a safe and secure public area or commercial property, automatic or static bollards are available to help meet your specific requirements. 


Automatic bollards / rising bollards are effective way of controlling visitor/vehicle access to and from your property or a public space. Whether it is a manual arm barrier or a rising bollard, we have the products to suit your site's requirements.


Our experience and constant research into security solutions have resulted in a wide range of bespoke function and operational protocol; we are able to deliver site specific, vehicle control systems for you

Rawson Automation most common installations for Automatic rising bollards are:

  • Pedestrian Zones
  • Government Buildings
  • Congestion Zones Shopping
  • Centres Residential Areas
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Sites Car Parks
  • Private Security

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