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What happens when I ask for a quote?


Whether you request a quotation online or over the phone, the process is fairly straight forward and the first step is to discuss your requirements with you. Once we have discussed the options with you a site visit is required We will take care of everything, acting as a single point of contact for you throughout the process. If you have a problem, you can speak to a person who can solve it rather than speaking to a call centre. When you’re happy to go ahead, we will book a date that’s convenient for you. We can usually arrange an install within one to two weeks.


How much does an automatic gate cost?


The cost of a system can range dramatically. Factors that alter this are the amount of work needed to complete the whole project and the quality of all the components used. Often, the less systems cost to install, the more expensive they can be to maintain.


Do I have to buy new gates?


No 90% of existing gates may be automated quite successfully, however most were not made with automation in mind, and will require some form of modification.


Does having a home alarm system really make my homeowners insurance cheaper?


Yes! Insurance companies know that you are 3 to 4 times less likely to be burgled by having a alarm system in your home. This means they are less likely to have to pay large insurance claims on stolen property and are willing to give significant discounts to their customers that get monitored alarms in their homes. The level of discount depends on the coverage of the alarm system and the insurance company you have, for more information contact your insurance company.


How much does an alarm system cost?


Prices start from £300 for a wired alarm system and £450 for wireless systems.


How much does a CCTV system cost?


Prices start for £800 pounds for a 4-camera system.

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