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Rawson Automation can provide reputable, certified professionals for force testing requests in Leeds. We perform force tests on electric gates and barriers, whether they’re public or private. Force tests allow us to determine if the pressure exerted by the barriers is acceptable and complies with safety limits. When our team installs a barrier for you, we will carry out a force test and will document it for your benefit. It is mandatory to carry out a force test for your barriers, especially if they’re car-park barriers or automatic barriers. Health and safety obligations are important to consider especially when providing for the public, which is why you need to ensure the force estimate reads below 400N otherwise we will have to fit a safety device.

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The team here at Rawson Automation feel that the force test on electric gates and barriers is essential and this is why we complete this test and assessment on all installations.

Our expertise understands all aspects of a correct force test, which is why we are a highly dependable team to have handled your force testing. We carry out an exact 27 test on your barriers, passing factors, which meet average requirements. It’s essential to ensure that your barriers are safe for both you and pedestrians if you are installing a public barrier. We ensure that our professionals provide affordable force testing which is carried out quickly and effectively. Our team will guarantee you insight on the quality of your barrier/s and will provide future, expert advice to help you with their maintenance.


If you’re looking for a dependable company to carry out your force testing, Rawson Automation can provide the specialists you need to ensure a professional, successful force test to qualify your barriers for health and safety checks. Your safety is our priority that is why we want to make certain you receive the pass you need to reassure you of your health and safety. Contact our reputable, expertise today. 

Force Testing - Leeds

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